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September 2019
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Called the most beautiful
place in the US, Sedona Arizona was once all ocean floor.  This colorful, high-altitude sandstone desert
emerged after the Pedrosa Sea receded over 265 million years ago.  As the sun sets, it seems to ignite iron
oxide in the rock formations to display fiery red sunsets that will burn their
way into your memory. 


Sedona is a place full of
“natural art”, with rocks carved by time, weather, and Mother Nature into
amazing shapes, like stone cathedrals.  A
magical land of geological jewels, it feels almost spiritual, and the many
“vortexes” believed to be in the area have made Sedona a mecca for New Agers
seeking spiritual health and wellness. 


Hiking and rock climbing rank
high on the list with sightseeing as one explores the beauty of the natural
terrain.  Slide Rock State Park, found on
the drive along Oak Creek Canyon, boasts a natural swimming hole with cool
mountain water and an ancient, all-natural water slide.


Montezuma’s Castle and
Petroglyphs is an awe-inspiring cliff dwelling built a millennium ago by the
Sinagua people who carved a 5-story, 50-room pueblo out of sheer limestone
cliff 90 feet above ground. It should be a must-see for visitors to the area.


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Grand Cayman
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Grand Cayman Island is the largest of the three islands
of the Cayman Islands.  The capital city
George Town is located here and popular as a port-of-call for cruises. One of
the financial capitals of the world, the reconstruction of the island from the
devastating hurricane a decade ago is a model of what capitalism can accomplish
! It is a wonderful, well constructed, pleasant island to live or visit.  The relaxation of Seven Mile Beach ( this
coral and sand beach was named by Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine as the
Caribbean’s Best Beach ), the unusual collection of turtles at the Turtle Farm
and the incredible view at Hell are just some of the interesting locations on
Grand Cayman. All , however, pale in my mind, to the experience of Sting Ray
City !


Sting Ray City is actually a sandbar about 10 miles out. The
water depth is waist high and the 3-4 foot Stingrays are abundant and playful.
You step out of your boat onto the sandbar and are greeted by volumes of
Stingrays. Obviously they are there because of the free food you are about to
feed them by holding it in your hand while they swim over and suck it out
(careful not to hold your thumb up!). They show their appreciation by “kissing
and hugging” us humans. One of my surprises was that they feel more like slick
felt than the leather-like feel of dolphins. 

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